First Holy Communion 2023 - St. Joseph's

A special Mass was held in St Joseph’s on the 17th June when twelve of our St. Joseph’s children received the Lord in Holy Communion for the very first time.


Confirmation 2022

These young people from our parish were Confirmed by Archbishop Mark 'O' Toole on July 8th. They had the honour of being the first group to be confirmed by Archbishop Mark in this Archdiocese.

First Holy Communion 2022 - St. Joseph's


First Holy Communion 2022 - St. Mary's


Parish Picnic in Penarth - July 2022


A number of Parishioners enjoyed the wonderful weather we had last Sunday to get together and share a picnic and get to re kindle old friendships and make some new ones too. We had parishioners who had been in the Parish for over 60 years down to parishioners who have been here for a few months

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