Finance Committee

Role of Finance Committee

Finance Committee is required by Canon Law to advise the Parish Priest on all financial matters and the material assets of the parish. The scope of interest includes:

Parish Accounts;

Development, repair and maintenance funds;

Third party collections;

Accounting for internal and external fundraising;

Asset management and Insurance;

Data Protection;

Procedures, controls, legislation and audit;

Relevant communication with parishioners, the Archdiocese and others.


Discharging its Responsibilities

Finance Committee meets regularly and works with other groups such as the Social and Fundraising Committee as well as individuals within and outside the parish.

Finance Committee reviews parish accounts on a quarterly basis.

Annual returns are made to the Archdiocese and these are audited at the discretion of the Archdiocese.

Communication regarding the accounts is made to the parish annually in a Finance Bulletin.

Additional communications are made in the parish Newsletter and website as necessary.

The Accounts in the format of Archdiocese of Cardiff are available from the Parish Treasurer, Geoff Quinn, upon request.


Finance Committee

Membership 2017-2018

Fr. Nicholas James – Parish Priest

Mr Geoff Quinn – Parish Treasurer

Mrs Pat Munday – Gift Aid

Mr Robert Derricott

Mrs Gail Wright

Mr Martin Milling

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