Emergency Sick Calls


When ringing the Presbytery you will be prompted to "Press 0" and offered the following options:

(a) If you are calling on behalf of a sick person who is in hospital you should ask one of the nursing staff to page the priest on call for you. They will know what to do. There is a Catholic priest on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively, during the working day, you can contact the Catholic Priest Chaplain at the Hospital Chaplaincy in UHW on (029) 2184 3230.

(b) If you are calling on behalf of a sick person who is in a Nursing Home or in their own home, or with a relative you should dial the Presbytery number (029 2070 8247) and press 2 when directed. You can then speak to the priest directly or leave a message for him.

(c) If the sick person is in Marie Curie Hospice (Holme Tower), the nursing staff will contact the Parish Priest of the person concerned. If this is not possible the nursing staff should telephone St Joseph's Presbytery, Penarth (029 2070 8247) in the same way as Option (b).

Priest On Call

Nursing, Care Homes and Holme Tower
Parish Priest, Penarth
Telephone - 029 2070 8247